React bindings

You don't need typescript but it's probably the most comfortable way to start.

mkdir hello-app
cd hello-app
npm init -y
npm i node-webrender react@next react-reconciler@next yoga-layout
npm i ts-node typescript --save-dev

Then you can create main.tsx with:

import * as React from 'react'
import { Window } from 'node-webrender'
import { render, View, Text } from 'node-webrender/lib/react'

const App = () =>

render(<App />, new Window("Hello"))

and it should show some text if you run it with npx ts-node -O '{"jsx": "react"}' main.tsx.


  • for react-devtools you need to add react-devtools-core and ws to your project
  • you need to wrap styles in StyleSheet.create() if you want to use auto-completion (and better performance)