Things to note

  • this is very early preview and things will change
  • negative dimensions will block forever (WR will not generate a frame)
  • fontSize can now be only one of [10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 34, 40, 48]
  • mem usage of production release, including node is ~20M + additional libs you use (but you have to build it yourself with npx neon build --release inside your node_modules/node-webrender directory because it takes forever)
  • examples/react-calculator.tsx can then run with ~30M if TS is precompiled first (npx tsc react-calculator.tsx --jsx react -t es2017 -m commonjs && node react-calculator.js)
  • release build is ~10MB on disk (+ node)

Out of scope

  • cascading stylesheets
  • accessibility
  • RTL and vertical languages
  • inline layout for components
  • word-break, white-space (pre, pre-line, pre-wrap, nowrap)


  • hover
  • any font family/size/weight
  • support multiple windows
  • support windows (platform)
  • send binary buffers (flatbuffer/bincode/?)

and other things related to current milestone