This is very outdated & likely not true anymore but it's still possible to build a package using electron-builder, it's just that the information here might not be exact/complete

Build optimized version native module (optional)

Compiling rust takes forever so by default we build in dev mode. There's not a huge difference in performance but it's way smaller so it's something you probably want to do before shipping your app. All what you need to do is to go to node_modules/node-webrender directory and run ../.bin/neon build --release. It will take 5-10 minutes.

Bundle your app (optional)

Another good idea is to bundle your application into one big file, preferably with NODE_ENV=production environment variable set. Use whatever you prefer (and know) or you can try ncc.

# generate a bundle to dist/*
ncc build -e yoga-layout src/main.tsx

# and this is how you run it then
node dist/index.js

Make a package

The easiest way is to use electron-builder with some custom configuration. So first you npm install -g electron-builder and then you need to do some changes to your package.json:

  • first, make sure your main points to bundle location (dist/index.js if you've used ncc above)
  • add build entry with options like below
  • optionally add other custom build options
  • run electron-builder. pass custom cli options if needed
  • app package should be now in newly created dist-app folder
  "main": "path/to/bundle",

  "build": {
    "protonNodeVersion": "current",
    "npmRebuild": false,
    "directories": {
      "output": "dist-app"
    "files": [