Scope of the project

The point of this project is to provide platform for developing desktop and TV applications in a way which is familiar to web developers but not necessarily the same. We are not recreating browser here, some of the features simply don't make sense for such apps and/or would have been very hard to implement.

Moreover, some features (innerHTML, cookies, frames) are in fact undesired and leaving them out avoids some security concerns you'd otherwise have to audit yourself (notably XSS & CSRF)

Note that just like in electron you can directly communicate with your database without exposing any server locally.

Notable limitations

The table below provides some info about what's left out completely, what can be done with plain nodejs or with some 3rd party module from npm. Some of them might be introduced in the future but don't have any false hopes.

Note that you can always use/implement native module for anything.

General features
accessibility N/A
RTL, vertical langs N/A
canvas, webgl N/A
HTML5 els N/A
style validations N/A
Element.innerHTML N/A
shadow DOM N/A
(i)frames N/A
referer, cookies N/A N/A
layout flexbox-only
CSSOM minimal
word-break, white-space N/A
getComputedStyle() N/A
XMLHttpRequest, fetch nodejs
WebSocket nodejs
Web/Service Worker nodejs
crypto nodejs
IndexDB/WebSQL npm
History N/A
Video N/A
Audio N/A