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Scope of the project

The point of this project is to provide platform for developing desktop and TV applications in a way which is familiar to web developers but not necessarily the same.

The table below provides a bit more info but in general:

  • you are expected to use modern IDE, preferrably with type-checking because we are doing very little validation
  • deprecated/exotic features are generally not supported at all
  • if it can be easily replaced with JS it's probably out-of-scope for now
  • popular libraries are expected to run fine eventually (if not already)
  • there's always WebView if you need it

Notable limitations

The table below provides some info about what's left out. Some of those might be available in deno and/or provided by some external modules.

General features
accessibility no, sorry
RTL, vertical langs N/A
printing, PDF N/A
canvas, WebGL TODO
innerText N/A
custom elements, shadow DOM N/A
(i)frames N/A
values specified-only, no inherit
colors hex, rgb(a), lowercase names
layout flex, block, no float
transitions maybe later
CSSOM subset for CSS-in-JS
media queries use JS